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Cathode-ray-tube-across Dip-circle Tangent Galvanometer

Moving Coil Meter & Ammeter Bar Magnetr

Magnetism & Electromagnetism
Alnico/Steel Magnets

Induced Current Apparatus.

U -Shaped
Bar Magnetic Compass. Horse Shoe
Cylindrical Magnet. Magnetic Field Apparatus. Barlow's Wheel.
Bicycle Dynamo. Coils. Magnetic Field Demonstration Coil Compass Box.
Deflection Magnetometer. Single Straight Conductor. Long Solenoid.
Single Turn Coil. Magnetic Holder. Demonstration Motor & Dynamo.
Magnetic Needle with Base. Demonstration Motor. Magnetizing & Demagnetizing Solenoid.
Demountable Transformer Mariner's Compass. Dip Circle.
Motor Construction Kit. Dip Needle. Natural Magnet.
Electric Bell Demonstration. Oersted's Apparatus. Electromagnet.
Pair of Iron York. Solenoid. Electromagnetic Kit (Westminster) Stirrup Brass.
Electromagnetic Swing. U & I Cores. Vibration Magnetometer
Floating Magnet.

Force on Conductor Balance. Galvanoscope Demonstration.


Capacitor Plate Set Electrostatics Kit Ebonite Rod
Conductor Biot'st Faraday's Ice Pails Electrophorus
Conductor Conical Induction Accessories Kit Electroscope Gold Leaf
Conductor Cylindrical Leyden Jar Proof Plane Electroscope Pith Ball Type
Conductor Spherical Van De Graph Accessories Electroscope SS round
Discharger Van De Graph Generator Whimshurt's Machine


Aepinus condensor Mica Condenser Fixed capacitance
Capacitance Substitution Box Variable Capacitance  


Crompton Potentiometer Post Office Box Wheatstone Bridge Portable
Decade Resistance Box Resistance Coils Sub Divided Megh Ohm Box
Decade Resistance Box Resistance Wire-Copper /Constantan/Nichrome Plug Type Resistance Box
Megohm Box Rheostat Open Rheostat Closed
Nichrome Wire    

advanced spectrometer laurent's half shade polarimeter optical block set

cylindrical lenses newton's color disc optical bench double rod

Energy Kits

Bulb unit triple Motor generator unit Head of water unit
Flyweel unit Spring unit Turbine pump unit
Friction calorimeter Unit Storage Battery Unit Lineshaft unit
Hand wheel drive unit Switch unit Lamp unit

Heat Expansion

Bar and gauge Linear Expansion Apparatus (Micrometer) Bimetallic strip
Expansion of liquid apparatus Linear expansion apparatus (simple) Gunthers Apparatus
Hope's apparatus Ring and Ball apparatus
Thermoscope ether

Lamp Houses

Lamphouse And Transformer (Mercury)

Mercury vapour lamp

Lamphouse And Transformer (Sodium) Sodium Vapour Lamp


Compact Quartz Polarimeter Polarimeter Simple Type
Laurent's Half Shade Polarimeter Polarimeter Tube
Nessler's Cylinder Split Field Polariser

Optical Benches

Fixed Saddle For Optical Bench Double Rod Pygmy Bulb
Fixed Saddle for Optical Bench Hexagonal Section Receiving screen
Lens Holder Saddle for Optical Bench U shaped
Lens in Holder for Optical Bench U shaped Slit for Optical Bench U shaped
Light Source for Optical Bench U shaped Stand for lens holder
Object Needle Mounted Transverse saddle For optical bench (Big)
Optical Bench Double Rod Transverse Saddle For Optical Bench Double Rod
Optical bench hexagonal section Transverse Saddle for Optical Bench Hexagonal Spectrometer Student Section
Optical Bench U shaped Optical bench Wooden Plane Mirror White Metal Object Screen

Energy Conversion Equipment

Solar cell with motor Engine model 2 stroke Petrol Rechargeable battery box
Leslies cube Motor low consumption mounted in box Radiometer crooks
Solar panel Steam engine Solar cell with neon lamp
Hero Engine metallic Water turbine Wankel rotary engine model
Turbine with dynamo Hero Engine Glass (Eolipile) Steam engine electrical
Turbo Jet engine Steam engine fuel operated Bar Breaking Apparatus
Thermopile Joule meter Engine model 4 strokes Petrol
Engine model 4 strokes Diesel    


Diffraction Grating Spectrometer Student's 6' Spectrometer Advance 20"
Spectrometer Standard l' Spectroscope Direct Vision  

Optical Bench Accessories

Adjustable Slit Lens In Holder Plano convex Adjustable Slit
Candle holder Cylindrical Cross Wires Cross Wires Double Rod Lens Holder
Fresnel's Bi -Prism Fresnel's Bi -Prism Holder Holder For Diffraction Objects
Lamp Lamp Housing Lens Holder (Simple)
Lens Holder (Superior) Lens In Holder Double Concave Lens In Holder Double Concave Superior
Lens In Holder Double Convex Lens In Holder Double Convex Superior Lens In Holder Pano concave
Lens In Holder Pano Concave Superior Lens In Holder Plano Convex Superior Light source
Lloyd's Mirror Lux meter Micrometer eyepiece
Mirrors Concave & Convex Object needle mounted Object Screen
Optical Disc Dia 240mm Photoresister LDR in mount Plane Mirror
Polarizer / Analyser Prism Table Screen Ground Glass
Universal lens holder Wire Gauge Young's Slit


Camera Stand For Video Newtons ring apparatus Colour Disc
Diode laser Handle Plate Helium Neon Laser
Interferometer Mirror strip with holder Newton's Colour Disc
Newton's disc motorized Newtons ring apparatus circular Newton's Rings Experiment Apparatus
Periscope Pin Hole Camera Wooden Plane Mirror on black base Refracting

dynamic trolley inclined palne SOLID  MATERIALS KIT



Kundt's apparatus Melde's Apparatus Organ Pipe
Resonance apparatus Simple Resonance Apparatus with glass tube Savarts toothed wheel
See Beck's Siren Disc Signal Generator Siren With Indicator
Sonometer 2 Wire Pattern Sonometer 3 Wire Pattern Sonometer 60cm wooden
Stethoscope Resonance Box Telescopic Resonance Tube
Tunning Fork (Two) On Individual Tunning fork electrical Tunning Fork Individual
Tunning Fork Set of 8 Vibration Generator &Digital Stroboscope Wave demonstration Apparatus
Wave Form Helix Slinky Wave Tank with Hand Stroboscope Wave tank with Electronic Stroboscope
Wave tank with Vibration Generator Whirling table Xylophone

Timer And Linear Measurement

Bridge Type microscope Cathetometer universal Count down timer
Digital stop watch Digital stop watch (Superior) Horizontal and vertical travelling
microscope Measuring Tape Meter Rule (Plastic)
Meter Rule (Stainless Steel) Meter Rule (Wooden) Micrometer
Model of Vernier Reading telescope Spherometer
Stop Clock Stop Watch Timer mechanical
Veriner Caliper Precision Vernier Caliper  

Automobile Models

Stop Clock Differential Mechanism Gear Box (Three Speed And Reverse) Hydraulic Brake
Single drive plate clutch Mechanism Steam engine locomotive Steering mechanism
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