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Balance, Physical Basins, Evaporating Bottle, Reagent
Balance, Analytical Basins, Evaporating Bottle, Reagent
Double Beam, Balance Water Bath Bottle, Reagent
Top loading machine, Electronic Water Bath, Serological Bottle, Dropping
Compression Balance Water Bath, Precision Bottle, Mccartney
Balance Mass set, Physical Beaker, Low Form Wash Bottle
Forceps Beaker, Low Form Bottle Brush
Lever Balance, Dual Scale Beehive Shelf Test Tube Brush
Balance, Triple Beam Bell Jar Burette Dual Scale
Barometer, Aneroid, Demonstration Bell Jar Burette
Barometer, Fortin's Bottle, Reagent Burette,Rotaflow
Burette Clamp Crucible Gooch Flask, Volumetric, One Mark
Bunsen Burner Cylinder, Measuring Filter Funnel
Burner, Methylated Spirit Cylinder, Measuring Filter Funnel
Burner, Methylated Spirit Deflagrating Spoon Separating Funnel, Pear
Centrifuge, Hand Dessicator, Vacuum Shaped
Centrifuge, Hand Petri Dish Buchner Funnel
Centrifuge, Laboratory Hoffman Voltameter Thistle Funnel, Safety
Cork Borer Sharpener Platinum Electrodes Gas Generator, Kipp's
Clip, Mohr Carbon Electrodes Gas Jar
Clip, Hoffman Filter Paper Gauze, Iron
Condenser, Liebig Flask, Distillation, With Side Tube Jar, Couplin
Jar, Staining, Rectangular Gas Taps Pipette
Water Tap, Swan Neck Ph Meter, Digital First Aid Cabinet
Drawing Mathematical Set Pipette Gloves
Drawing Board Pipette, Dropping Spatula, Chattaway
Black Board Geometrical Set Teats For Pipettes Base For Retort Stand
Micrometer Screw Gauge Pipette Bulb Base For Retort Stand, A-Shape
Metre Rule Pipette Filter Retort Stand Rod
Measuring Tape Pneumatic Trough Universal Clamp
Melting Point Apparatus Polarimeter, Senior Clamp, 3 Prong
Atomic Model Set Air Pump Retort Stand Ring
Periodic Chart Of Atoms Vacuum Pump, Rotary, Oil-Sealed Laboratory Jack
Test Tube Holder
Stop Clock
Stirrer, Magnetic Test Tube Holder Stop Watch
Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate Test Tube Holder, Cross Pattern Flask Tongs
Rubber Stoppers Test Tube Holder Pipe Clay Triangle
Needle, Hypodermic, Sterile, Disposable Test Tube Stand Tripod Stand
Litmus Test Paper Thermometer, Clinical Tripod Stand, Circular
Ph Indicator Paper Thermometer, Clinical Tubing Connectors
Test Tube Hygrometer, Dry & Wet Bulb Vernier Microscope
Test Tube Whirling Hygrometer, Dry & Wet Water TAP, Swan Neck
Culture Tube, Media Thermometer, Wall  

Beaker PCR Tube Buchner Funnel
Burette Petri Dish -Sterile Centrifuge Bottle
Centrifuge Tube Pipette Pump Centrifuge Tube (Round Bottom)
Conical Flask Pipette Washer, made of PP, 40cm Conical Measures
Cryo Box Plant Tissue Culture Container Quick Freeze
Cryo Coders Rack for Micro Tube Cryo Rack
Cryovial Sterile Rack for Petri Dish Rack for Scintillation Vial
Cuvette Rack Reagent Bottle Sample Container
Desiccator Plain Sample Container Scintillation Vial
Desiccator Vacuum Seperatory Funnel Fixapette
Simple Cell Pot Slant Rack Slide Dispenser
Flask Stand Slide Mailer Float Rack
Forceps Slide Rack Spare '0' Ring, 150mm Forceps, made of Polypropylene
Funnel Plastic Specimen Tube Immunology Plates
Liter Set
StopCock Measuring Beaker
Measuring Cylinder Storage Vial Membrane Filter Holder
Micro Centrifuge Tube Syphon Micro Tip
Micro Tip Box Test Tube Stand Micro Tube Box
Mini Cooler Volumetric Flask Nessler Cylinder Stand
OAK Ridge Centrifuge Tube Wash Bottles Water Bottle(For Animal Cage)

Automatic Burette

Centrifuge Tube

Burettes Powder Funnels Short Stem
Dropping Funnel Separating Funnels
Funnels Thistle Funnel
Micro Burette . Thistle Funnel(Borosilicate Combustion Glass) 300mm
Pasteur Pipettes  

Burette Draining & Storage Rack

Pipette Test Tube Basket

Burette Stand Funnel Stand Test Tube Rack Aluminium/Plastic
Micro Centrifuge Tube Box Test Tube Stand Plastic/Wooden
Micro Tip Box Test Tube Stand
Pipette Stand Plastic/Wooden Strip Pattern

Atomic Model set of 120 Balls

Organic/Inorganic Student set

Atomic Model set of 60 Balls Organic/Inorganic Teacher set
Diamond Model Sodium Chloride Model
Graphite Model Spectra set

Centrifuge Rectangular

Hand Centrifuge

Centrifuge Round Micro Centrifuge

Heating Mantle

Melting Point Apparatus

Hot Plates Muffle Furnace
Incubator Oven
Magnetic Stirrer Water Bath Concentric Rings
Water Bath for Test Tubes  


Distillation Apparatus table Pattern

Distillation Apparatus Double Distillation Apparatus Wall Pattern
Distillation Apparatus Glass  
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