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Anatomival Model Biol;ogical Microscope Student Dissecting Microscope

Dissecting Set Star Fish Rocking Microtome

Hand Microtome Human Urinary System Human Heart
Rotary Microscope AIDS VIRUS Human Kidney
Precision Rotary Microtome Muscle Figure Human Youth Heart
Microscope Slides Human Female Pelvis, 2 parts Human Stomach
Micro Cavity Slides Human Male Pelvis Human Liver with Gall Bladder
Micro Cover Glass Pregnancy Pelvis with Baby Human Skin
Slide Box Embryonic Development Human Circulatory System
Human Torso without Head Human Skull Human Digestive System
Human Torso with Interchangeable Sex Organs Human Skeleton Human Disgestive System
Human Torso with Head, Half Size Stand for Human Skeleton Intestinal Vills
Human Head and Brain Skeleton Model, Miniature Human Respiratory System
Human Head and Neck L.S. Amoeba Proteus Neuron
Human Brain 4 Parts Amoeba Proteus, 2 parts Human Spinal Cord
Human Brain, 2 Parts Paramecium Human Nervous System
Human Nose, L.S. Paramecium, 2 parts Human Kidney L.S.
Human Eye,5 times Model of Hydra Human Kidney with Adrenal Glands
Human Eye,3 times enlarged Earthworm Dissection Kidney Section, Nephrons, Blood Vessels
Human Eye with Lid Cockroach Anatomy Kidney with Bladder
Human Eye with Bony Orbit Malarial Parasite Life History Plant Cell Division, Meiosis
Eye Model on Bony Base Anatomy of Startfish Open Collateral Conducting bundle of Dicotyle
Human Ear, Enlarged, 2 parts Fish Dissection Fertilization of Angiosperm
Human Ear, Enlarged, 3 parts Frog DissectionFrog Dissection Root Anatomy
Human Ear, Enlarged, 6 parts Frog Development Monocot Root T.S.
Human Tooth, Molar Earthworm Dissection Dicot Root T.S.
Human Tooth, Upper Triple Root Bird Dissection Root tip of Fern
Upper and Lower Jaw Development of Chick Monocot Stem Anatomy
Lower Jaw with teeth Animal Cell Dicot Stem Anatomy T.S. & L.S.
Human Teeth with Tongue Animal Cell Division, Mitosis Dicot Stem T.S.
Larynx,2 parts Animal Cell Division, Meiosis Monocot Stem Anatomy T.S. & L.S.
Larynx,3 parts Model of D.N.A. Monocot Stem T.S.
Larynx with Tongue Model of R.N.A. Leaf Anatomy
Human Lung, Right Typical Flower Isobilateral Leaf
Human Heart and Lungs Typical Flower, L.S. Monocot Leaf T.S.
Human Heart with Lungs & Larynx Plant Cell Dicot Leaf T.S.
Human Heart, Extra Large Typical Plant Cell Overhead Slide Projector
Human Heart Plant Mitosis Film Slide Projector

Alimentary canal model Model of human ear
Amoeba Model of human eye
Animal cell ultra structure Model of human head and neck
Animal Meiosis Model of human heart 4 parts Model of human kidney
Carnevorous and herbivorous teeth Model of human lung
D.N.A. (Deoxyribo Nucliec acid) Model of human skelton with stand
DNA Model Model of human skin
Epigeal germination bean Model of human
Eye with orbit model Fertilization of flower
Flower section model
Model of human torso (female)
Human digestive system Model of human torso (male)
Human Respiratory System Human Uninary system Model of human torso small
Human urino genital (reproductive system female) Models Plastic Thermoformed
Human urino genital (reproductive system male) Open Pit Model
Hydral.s. Plant cell
Jaws New Born Baby R.N.A. (Ribonucleic Acid)
Meiosis T.S. Dicot Leaf
Mitosis T.S.dicot stem
Model of human brain 4 parts T.S.Monocot stem
Model of human circulatory system Typical flower
Under ground mine model  

Clinostat Stimuli Generator
Food calorimeter for heat combustion Transfer chamber
Kymograph electrical Tube holder
Photosynthesis apparatus  

Darwin potometer
Respiration Apparatus
Ganong's Potometer Simple respirometer with wire baskets
Ganong's Respirometer Thodays Potometer
Potometer with Atomometer  

Aquatic Net Insect spreading board
Animal Cage Plankton net
Insect Box Plant press

Charts made of Polyart

Specimens in a Jar

Charts Rexin Specimens Plastic embedded
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